No Flog

No need to use a hammer or a flogging spanner again.

The No-Flog can be used to make-up or break-out connections up to 618" AF, each tool covers
two bolt sizes in one and is easily fitted and removed. The No-Flog is spark free and designed
not to lock onto the application like traditional flogging spanners, saving you time and money.
Sizes from 114" AF (32mm AF) up to 618" AF (155mm AF).

Our No-Flog is Spark Free, easy to fit and remove.

Saving you time and money!


  • - Hand free
  • - No trapped fingers
  • - 2 sizes in 1
  • - Spark free
  • - No Flogging hammer required
  • - Won't lock on
  • - Safe & easy to use
  • - Fitted in seconds
  • - Removed instantly
  • - Save time & money
  • - Purchase as a kit or as one off
  • - 114" AF 618" AF

For more information about HTL NO-FLOG please telephone 08000 832 202 or complete this form and we will be in touch.